Why Micro Conversions Matter Just as Much as Macro Conversion Do in Your Digital Marketing Strategy 

Most modern marketers know about the sales funnel. You get a visitor to your website, convince them to become a lead, and nurture them toward becoming a customer. The problem is that in real life, the conversion process is not nearly as simple. 

Visitors may become customers without ever becoming leads. They may spend a long time in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey, simply because they’re not yet ready to make a commitment. Marketing models tend to be rational and linear, but regardless of your industry, your target audience is not nearly as structured. 

That’s where micro conversions enter the equation. Implemented correctly, they have the potential of transforming your digital marketing efforts by helping you gain a better understanding of which channel and message is most effective, and where improvements need to be made. 

What are Micro Conversions?  

Put simply, a micro conversion is a small step that a member of your audience takes that nudges them closer toward becoming a customer. We tend to think of the buyer’s journey as a series of major steps, such as making a purchase or becoming a lead; in reality, though, small conversions happen much more frequently, and may provide a better understanding of your audience’s willingness and intent to buy. 

Micro conversions come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including (but not limited to): 

  • Visiting your pricing page. 
  • Spending a significant amount of time browsing your website. 
  • Adding products to their shopping cart. 
  • Watching a video on your website. 
  • Following your social media accounts. 
  • Looking for directions to your physical location. 
  • Subscribing to your blog or e-newsletter. 

In isolation, none of these is a reliable indicator that a purchase is imminent. But they do provide a better idea of your audience’s actual interest in your brand and products or services. 

4 Reasons Micro Conversions Matter in Your Digital Marketing Strategy 

With a more thorough understanding of the concept, it’s time to consider just why micro conversions actually matter in your digital marketing. Consider the following benefits of tracking them as you build out your online presence: 

#1 More Frequent Data: 

Unless your product is designed for mass market, chances are that macro conversion opportunities will be limited, which results in small sample sizes. The problem with small sample sizes is that you won’t have enough data to use for comparing which marketing tactics are proving most effective. For example, you won’t want to make a definite decision on which Facebook campaign outperformed the other based on generating only one or two actual customers. Micro conversions, however, occur much more frequently, giving you better data to judge the success of your efforts. 

#2 A Better Picture of Your Audience:  

By tracking micro conversions, you gain a better understanding of the steps your audience actually takes before becoming customers. As mentioned above, the buyer’s journey is far from linear. But if you track visits to specific pages, or time on page, you begin to see patterns that can help you make future marketing decisions. 

#3 A Focus on Better Conversion Optimization: 

The more detailed picture you’ll get by tracking micro conversions will ultimately help you focus on better conversion optimization tactics. You will begin to understand which marketing initiatives drive your audience in the right direction—towards making a purchase–and optimize them for more macro conversions in the process. 

#4 Identify Problem Areas:  

Finally, this type of initiative also helps you better understand where you might be lacking. What if, for example, visitors tend to visit your pricing page but never go further from there? In that case, it may be time to either revisit your pricing, clarify the value you are offering, or include more clear calls-to-action.  

None of this is to say that ‘regular’ lead and customer conversions should not matter. In fact, they need to play a central role in your digital marketing efforts. However, without also tracking micro conversions, you may get an incomplete picture of your target audience. By tracking both, you’ll get a better idea of your target audience’s behaviour, and of what you can do better to improve their conversion from leads into customers.  

How to Build a Marketing Strategy that Tracks and Emphasizes Micro Conversions 

In short, micro conversions can and should play a vital part in tracking the success of your individual marketing channels and overall digital strategy. Solutions like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager allow you to set up tracking for these types of conversions, particularly as it relates to your website. 

But in most cases, it makes more sense to work directly with marketing experts who have experience in this type of tracking, and who can help you set up and evaluate a marketing strategy designed to succeed on both the micro and the macro level. 

McAllister marketing is a team of marketing professionals–from web developers and designers, to marketing strategists, conversion optimization professionals and SEO specialists–all working symbiotically to help businesses like yours grow through tactics that attract, convert and retain more customers. Our team works as an extension of your team and we pride ourselves on being super accessible, personable and easy to work with. Contact us today to learn about our expertise in this area, and how we can help you grow your business.  

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